Seeking deep restorative sleep?

Experience the power of Vibrasonix-Cube

With science based sound and immersive vibration, Soundcube transforms your bed transforms into a restorative retreat.


"The future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"

Open yourself to a new dimension of Relaxation and Sleep

Vibrasonix-Cube not only provide a completely new way how we experience music, it turns your turn your bedtime into an immersive sensory escape designed specifically for YOU!


  • Deep levels of relaxation within minutes

  • Fall asleep faster and achieve deeper sleep

  • Improved sleep quality leads to better overall wellbeing

What research shows?

Research has indicated that the repeated use of sound and vibration can enhance longevity, improve sleep quality, and reinforce coherent emotions while elevating overall wellbeing.
Our Electro-Photonic Imaging studies demonstrate a statistically significant increase in biofield coherence (P<0.0001) with Vibrasonix-cube use – a testament to its transformative power.
Coherence (Before)
Coherence (After)

Easy to fit under any bed


The Vibrasonix-Cubes are inserted between the slatted frame and the mattress


Two cables connect to the stereo channel of the amplifier


Play music from any media device via bluetooth or AUX-Cable

With cutting edge technology based on PEMF principles used by NASA for human cell regeneration as well as binaural brain wave entrainment techniques studied for decades by neurologists worldwide- Soundcube is an advanced tool designed to provide peak wellness benefits.

Vibrasonix App

100+ Hours of science based Therapeutic Music

🎶✨Discover the perfect combination of tactile vibrations and binaural audio sessions from our curated library including, ambient tones and brainwave music to enjoy on our easy-to-fit vibrational speakers. 🔊🛌 Create your own playlist or choose a journey on the go.


Tones to let you achieve utter relaxation in an effortless way.

Immersive entrainment

Get back to your optimal state of mental, emotional, and physical coherence with our innovative multisensory entrainment.

Biofield tuning

Experience the holistic benefits of our vibroacoustic tones, which gently stimulate your physical and bioenergetic field.

Sleep enhancement

Experience the benefits of binaural audio entrainment for sleep and cellular regeneration.

Sound Meditation

By interacting with the bioenergetic system through resonant vibrations, vibrasonix-cube promotes overall health by stimulating various physiological pathways responsible for maintaining homeostasis
All you need to do is play music form our mobile app and enjoy the rejuvenating effects, even while you sleep.

Handcrafted premium quality.

It's time to take control of your sleep and your life. Our vibrasonix-cubes offer a modern and innovative solution to improve your sleep quality and enhance your overall well-being.

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Frequently asked Questions

How do I know if SoundCube is right for me?

Vibrasonix-Cube offers a relaxing and immersive experience that can promote better sleep quality, elevate overall wellbeing by reducing cortisol levels and increasing endorphins. It's suitable for anyone looking to target stress reduction or enhance their relaxation experiences naturally.

Can anyone use SoundCube?

While the sound and vibration from the product is safe for general users, it is recommended for individuals with pacemakers or any implanted medical device to consult the physician before using. If you face any discomfort while using Soundcube any discomfort we recommend you to get your physicians advice.

Is there a specific way to fit/use the Vibrasonix-Cube?

The Vibrasonix-Cube comes in an easy to fit design and can be simply screwed under your regular bed or if you have slatted framed bed you can simply insert the cubes between the frames. It’s user-friendly- simply connect the cubes with the amplifier using the cables and you can play music through the cube via bluetooth or AUX- Be sure read the detailed instruction manual in the box.

How long should I use the Vibrasonix-Cube?

The duration of usage is entirely up to you! For optimal results, we recommend incorporating the Sound-Cube in your relaxation routine and using it consistently in a comfortable time of a day. Our suggestion is to use Vibrasonix-Cube for 20mins before sleep.

Can Vibrasonix-Cube products cure or treat any medical condition?

Statements about our Vibrasonix-Cube products featured on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA); these products are meant for personal use as a general wellness device only.